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'Greenlights' represents a culmination of talent brought up in Chicago, otherwise known as the Go! Lots of blood, sweat, and tears went into crafting all the lyrics, concepts, beats, recording, mixing, mastering, and artwork for this compilation

What started as a series of "one-off" tracks, the result of Willow Wells and Homegrown (among many other Rebels!) vibing to the soundscapes provided by Ron P, translated to making more and more music. Then came the eventual question; why not take this project further?

Indeed. From a time span of extended months through the spring and summer of 2013, this formidable trio came together to hone these skills, to focus the craft, and deliver something of substance.

From this point on, Green Means Go. An open road to exploring what one is passionate about. Understanding that, through a world of colors, having faith in oneself and other like-minded individuals often times comes up green; Green To Get going, Green To Never stop, Green To Make, Green To Smoke, Green Revolves Around Us As We Revolve Around It. GREENLIGHTS.

Enjoy the music. Please support our cause. Share it with those you love.


released October 2, 2013



all rights reserved


GREENLIGHTS Chicago, Illinois

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Track Name: LFD
The four letters to make that word
Shake then stir//As faith diverge//In case you learn.
An adjacent swerve//On any path-skyward-chasing birds
Or dirt road going the mile
Love shown back ensures I'll never throw in the towel
Coke and smile.

Like little kids and jump roping//Sun stroking//crack the fire hydrant open
Going dumb Oakland when my funds broken//But never hopeless.
Know the honest dollar//shirtless with a blue collar//Soul like the home - Envision
Everyone in the kitchen round a pot of collards//playing cards and shouting holler.
What up nephew//word to my nieces – sum of its parts – a whole bunch of pieces
Chicago – provide the whole globe with breeze for the seasons
Still need a reason? Best foot forward during the duration
This a much bigger figure than what you earn in a pay check

Make sense?
They sittin' sideways like a figure eight
I push it to the limits of infinity
And then you'll really see

LFD - Love - Faith - Destiny

If you think about it - you know what I mean

(Verse 2)
Thinking about paying a visit to the moonrise kingdom
just to kick it a bit
Get away from it all – if stress be that wool sweater I be taking it off
Flash the pearly whites at the pearly gates – I preach a worldly faith – Unfurl the weight
Upon these shoulders - Come take the rest of me – love faith and destiny – Yum taste this recipe
Effortlessly – a total opposite – covert operative to your corporate plots and scams – I dot and dash
They zig and zag – no faith up in it – its a faceless image – like snapping pictures of indigenous women
And wonder why you shooting blanks – soulless attempt – gotta pay respect before you hit the bank with a check
Life, Family, and Death
Love faith and destiny intersect
Which is this, and this is that
So don't skip on your chance to make an impact
Track Name: Move On Through
Move - through - silent moon
Fly me through the sky
We're gonna get there soon

I might not be born and bred on the west coast
But I feel it in my heart how the blood pumps special
Spit it orchestral – combustible gusto
All across the globe – each town got a cut throat
So – they blowing hot air like the dust bowl
Go – travel through the air, train, or bus, boat
Don't - forget to take a snap shot photo
Or the cash box quota – so the wallet hard to fold up
Tourists get lured quick to attraction
When I'm out of town I'm a victim of relaxing
East to West coast – even stopped off in Asheville
No tip on the table for a trash talking asshole
Aphrodisiac - the world's an oyster
Next place you see me at – haven't made a choice yet
But keep the voice intact – for the boys and girls in back
They say what's that noise? I say that noise is rap

Music – movement for the people
Corner store anywhere grooving free flow
Its jazz in the bistro – blues in Chicago
Mountain rocky high – Boulder Colorado
Any town got a pothole – I pop in it
Pop vintage tags at the thrift store – let's go
Anywhere, anywhere?
Have a seat Sitting Bear
We'll figure out later how we're getting there
I'm dreaming large to see the stars – cause you have to
Born on the good side of a bad moon (what to do?)
Putting faith in things – I truly believe
Shooting West to East – even to the West Indies
Are within reach – of the voice – gift of gab – called speech
Let that boy talk- nah let that boy teach
Got a couple things to say – I'll even
Hop on a chariot if it swing that way

(swing down sweet chariot stop and let me ride)

Gravitate to the western states
The western way of living – best to play position
When in a foreign land – I'm local than a mofo
Hawai'i and shit – local like the moco
Pacalolo – and to think they call me homegrown
The cost to grow your own is so low – and its solo
Best to know what I'm flowing about – its going down
My aim - to fly the map with feet on solid ground

East to West Coast – Travel the map
Across the globe – I'm coming right back
Flash in the pan – gotta make it last
That's the plan – yeah that's the plan

Move - through - silent moon
Flying through the sky
We're gonna get there soon
Track Name: Time To Breathe
Wait for it...

Went up to the courts - like - Wicker Park court
The half HALF court - my shits still sore

I walk the blocks and say what up
What else? Hit the courts and lay one up
And one – used to hoop with the best of them
Now I'm taking the bus with the rest of them
First name Home – middle name just missed it
Last name Grown – I'll be there in an instant
Take a walk on my day off – ayo
I ain't paid though - with a pocket full of pesos
Still – I'm millionaire – and I feel you man
Foundation - building plan
All in the mental – fortitude
With the bar set high cause there’s more to do
And always higher to reach
Who would've thought
Making a living on how I speak
Ooh and awwwh – just let it marinate
Wrote it in my book and then I tear the page

One time for the life - its all lovely
One day at a time - so don't rush me
One heart and mind - I'm on to something
Naturally - give me time to breathe

I want – to go
For it – for it all

I'm enveloped in the sound
Developed a step pressed all up in the ground
A fossil found from a long way lost
At the dig site – right - all day long
Just a metaphor for the letter of the law
Have a good one – but a better one tomorrow
As the feather falls
We all gone with the wind and the weather y'all
Life was all simple all tether ball
In my neighbors yard - Back then
yep yep – my aim was far – assassin
But then class would begin – And rather attend
I was with my friends with our backs to the fence
Just laughing – pretending – it was never ending
Story of the year – every year – sun setting
A lasting impression
Gas in the tank
And then we're fast to the exit